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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Google Location in Signature. (for everybody like him, that know that their house is the world)

I'm so happy today to present a new lab in GMAIL. I follow every day the Google progress, every step they made is a step for all of us. Today they released a new service, named Google Location in Signature.

This project is son of the mythical 20% of free time that Google employees can devote to personal initiatives. Activating the lab from the link in gmail, and if you modify the signature, you can trace the location from which you are sending your mail, so it is also possible to turn the cataloging of your mail according to the place from which you sent it.

The creator of this lab is one of my best friends that really lives world like its home, his name is Marco Bonechi. A traveler as him had this inventions in his blood and I'm proud to be able to put the the Marco's blog link (tenuta blogspot), where he shows us the first steps of his lab in the world.

Here the Google Group relative to location in signature lab

This is the post that he wrote in the official GMAIL blog news.

Thanks Marco, we expect new adventures.

Nunzio Fiore

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  1. Grazie Nunzio,
    vediamo di avere altre news a presto!