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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Creating an application with Adobe AIR, Aptana and Google MAP


Creating an application with Adobe AIR, Aptana and Google MAP 

In this CODE IT, we chosen some of the technologies and programs most used. Inspired by the software MAP-IT Riccardo Degni, we'll do an overview of APTANA (the framework of development closer to developers and web designers that measure themselves with the Web 2.0), and we'll see how we can create quickly an application that uses Adobe AIR to show a Google map.

Here you can find a video about AIR, GMAP, APTANA (is in italian, but code is in coders' universal languages ;) )
The example we're going to create will be a base for a complex one that displays a map. To see in detail what you can do with these products, we can download the application from the MAP-IT website of Riccardo Degni, and install it on our pc.
This application uses MooTools + AIR + plugin moord. To use the applications running on AIR, simply install the runtime environment distributed freely on the Adobe's site

Map It! is a freeware software built using Adobe AIR technology combined with the Google Maps API and javascript! You can create a "map" on which virtual save your favorite locations, without having to be online. 

AIR applications are composed of a file description that is written in xml format which is called application.xml. In this file you can add all the details of our application. From icons to display on your desktop, the size that it must have the window appear in which 'our creation, the characteristics of chrome, or the window that contains the application. Map It! for example has a custom chrome everything, much more attractive in terms of design compared to those offered natively by the various operating systems, and especially more convenient: whatever OS you use, the map of Chrome It! will always be the same. 
Let us see in detail how you can 'create an AIR. First download the software APTANA. Aptana is a web editor, css, javascript and more. E 'a program is free and opensource. Aptana is complete with Code Assist for autocompletion of code, capable of showing the values of CSS properties, the parameters of the methods / functions, and much more, also among other things offers a wide range of plugins and current. 
Code for this en Download the plugin useful to make AIR applications. Then, following a simple wizard, we'll see how Aptana help us to prepare the file application.xml without fatigue. A series of clicks and we can describe our window in detail. Icons, size, chrome, and more. 
The example creates the basis that Aptana is a page that once completed by the plugin itself, shows a complete set of useful links that we can enter into a desktop program. Ajax requests to the web, reading and writing files, and more. 
Taking advantage of this plugin, we created a small application that air is attached to this video. You can see how simple it is to plan our html pages and then create a package to distribute air on our pc. Useful information to publish a map on a web page are the same that we used when we worked on pages online in other examples of code it (tags: google map). 
Richard Worth has granted three javascript files to the public ICTv, which attach to the package to download, and can be a useful source of inspiration for all those who, from map-en and air, and our example, want to try create their own solution to be distributed.

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